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Creating Better Healthcare.
That's what we are maniacally focused on every single day.

The Tonic Health Story

Tonic was founded by a collaboration of scientists, consumer marketing experts, user interface designers and software programmers to finally solve the crippling challenges of medical data collection, including poor response rates, low patient engagement, high cost and limited ability to personalize care based on a patient's answers.

Plus we wanted to save the world (note: easier said than done).

So we went out and built a medical data collection platform that solves for the needs –and sometimes the dreams! — of clinicians, providers and researchers collecting and using patient information everywhere.

If you are an organizational chart junkie, the team is led by co-founders Sterling Lanier (CEO) and Boris Glants (CTO). But in reality it's our amazing (and growing!) team of more than 100 developers and designers that make the Tonic platform come to life. These are the merry folks that are changing healthcare for the better — one survey, questionnaire and form at a time (cape not included).

Want To Make Tonic? Want To Make Tonic?
We are always on the lookout for those rare birds that can innovate in ways that leave the rest of us breathless around the conference room table. If you have this type of plumage, shoot your resume to
Team Snapshot Team Snapshot
Tonic has some of the finest web programmers, iOS developers, and graphic and UI designers on the planet. We could list our collective accomplishments here but we're allergic to braggadocio (and occasionally peanuts).
Tonic Stock Price Tonic Stock Price
We're not public but we appreciate your optimism about our business. Instead, Tonic is backed by a wide variety of leading investors who share our vision for remaking the patient experience.
Our Brand Values Our Brand Values
Three key words focus our mission on a daily basis: creativity, simplicity, integrity. Some folks here also wanted to add caffeine, mountain biking and burritos to the list but we have stuck to our guns to date.