Tonic - Release Notes

To all of our customers — so bold and so bright,
Here is a gift of awesome new features that will surprise and delight!

This month we've got two major upgrades on tap:
An amazing new web version and an even more resplendent iPhone app.

And while our iambic pentameter may be occasionally askew,
We promise you this new functionality will only draw applause from your crew.

New and Improved Web-Browser Version:

Three key new web features have been brought to the fore,
All of which are designed to get you more patient data than ever before.

1). We’ve redesigned the interface of every question type in our house,
So that any question can now be answered with a keyboard and not just a mouse!


2). While patients who get distracted mid-survey used to test our web version's limits,
Tonic now automatically submits the data if they’re inactive for more than two minutes.


3). And for those patients whose web browser only works in flashes,
Tonic now saves their progress (and all of their answers!) if their web browser crashes.

Absurdly Awesome iPhone App:

Tonic’s tablet and web versions have always had a big space to dazzle,
But the trick has been how to imbue the smaller phone with the same type of razzle.

So we broke, bent and rebuilt every last bone,
Until we had taken the magic of Tonic and made it fit with the phone.

Though the tablet is still best for patient surveys since it can take a daily pounding,
The iPhone is perfect for several use cases, such as patient sat - and leadership and nurse rounding.

This new and improved app will erase any rounding flaw or pimple,
Because — like David Hasselhoff — it’s both remarkably beautiful and so insanely simple!

iPhone 1
iPhone 1

At Tonic we believe that keeping things intuitive and easy is the name of the game,
And by doing so patient data collection will never be the same.

So now we are off to build new features that will give you even more thrills,
Particularly since we’re pretty sure this poetry thing isn’t going to pay the bills…

The Tonic Bard