Tonic - Release Notes

We here at Tonic love to celebrate all matter of things: holidays, birthdays, finally getting the new Adele song out of our heads (darn you “Hello!”), and of course the latest amazing features from our development team.

Thus, in honor of adding yet another top children’s hospital to our customer ranks this month, we decided to use November's Release Notes to celebrate many of the classic books that articulate the magic of childhood.

So below please find the most recent Charlotte’s Web of innovation from the secret lab at Tonic—we promise it will give you Goosebumps!

1). Multi-Signature Consent Forms:

Tonic has long had the best – and most customizable – consent form functionality on the planet but now we’ve added the ability for multiple people to provide signatures to the same form (and of course all in real-time). Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Multi-Signature Consents

2). Any Type of Data Can Now Trigger Additional Survey Deployment Regardless of the Source:

In the old days of Tonic – and by “old days” we mean last month – you could trigger the delivery of patient surveys, notifications or workflows based on any answer a patient has previously given using Tonic. But now we went all Fancy Nancy and made it so that any type of data can trigger future survey deployment, such as external data that you’ve imported into Tonic or clinical data from the EHR. Those Encyclopedia Brown’s out there will realize that this opens up a world of new opportunities to optimize patient care and makes survey and content management even easier than it previously was!


3). Real-Time Enterprise Reporting Now Supports Mathematical Values:

Customers have always loved Tonic’s ability to report on data from across the entire enterprise in real time. But we wanted our reporting backend to be the (not so) Little Engine That Could so we made it now support averages, medians and other mathematical values, making it perfect for instantly comparing numeric data across providers and clinics.

Enterprise report averages

4). Export Enterprise Report Data Into Excel:

Though all of our customers rave about our reporting platform, some of the true Curious George’s of the world asked that we make all of the enterprise data also exportable into Excel in real-time in order to further manipulate the raw data. Thus, our programmers drank a gallon of milk and Click Clack Moo’d on their keyboards and now this feature is available for all to enjoy! Moreover, all exports of survey response data can now also reflect the search filters that were used.

Enterprise Export

5). Improved Appointment Reminders:

Surveys or other notifications that are automatically pushed out to patients can now reference an appointment date within the body of the email. This is a seemingly small feature but it ensures that none of your booked appointments suffer A Wrinkle in Time.

Appointment Date

6). Likert Scales Can Now Be Either Horizontal or Vertical:

Patients love our Likert Scale design because it uses colors and iconography in order to connote meaning. But some surveys and screeners have a Likert Scale question that is best understood using a vertical display instead of horizontal one. So we put our development staff on an all-protein diet of Green Eggs and Ham and voila! – vertical Likert Scales appeared faster than you can say “Goodnight Moon.” And of course, you can still customize all Likert Scales – regardless of orientation – to your heart’s delight in real-time!

So that’s the latest and greatest from your festive friends at Tonic. Please note that all of these awesome new features are ready to deploy right now—each has been tested extensively and certified free of bugs (including even the Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Now while we are tempted to take a quick break and go pick some Blueberries for Sal (we just get too nervous about that bear), we’ll instead head back to our lair to get started on a fresh batch of fantastic features for you. But not before we stop off at home to give a great big hug and kiss to our kids.

Your Devoted Tonic Dev Team
(aka “Where The Wild Things Are”)