Tonic - Release Notes

Welcome to this latest edition of Tonic’s Software Release Notes, where we keep you up-to-date on all the nifty new features available to you on your favorite patient data collection and payments platform—and all at no extra charge!

Since we always think of our customers as Partners, we dedicate this edition of our Release Notes to all the wonderful clients we have the divine Providence to work with. Can you spot a few of them here?

So with that said, let’s dive right into five awesome new features that will make you say OMG (not to be confused with OSF):

1). Hospital Census List And Compliance Reports for In-Patient Surveys and Forms

Ever wish upon a MedStar that you could ensure your admitted patients have met all their requirements before discharge? Well now Tonic has all this information at your fingertips with a census list that gives you real time updates with admit, transfer or discharge messages –and what surveys, consent forms or discharge instructions still need to be completed by each patient. You can even filter and create compliance reports by floor, by unit, by financial class and more, and you can also filter by which patients have completed the necessary forms and which haven’t. Some of our in-patient users have even begun calling this The Very Awesome feature – or “The VA” for short. Who says ambulatory folks have all the fun?

Census List

Compliance Report

2). Answer Verification Prior to EHR Submission

At Tonic, we are obsessed with the Integris integrity of the data we collect. As a result, we built a data purgatory of sorts where clinicians and staff members can verify patient answers before Tonic transmits them in real time to the electronic health record. With this new feature, you can easily see what’s been changed from a previous answer, and then you can accept the new change, revert to a previous value or do a custom edit of each answer. You can even run reports to see how long it took to review the patient data and who reviewed it. Validating patient data is now easier than a walk in the Park (Nicollet)!

Review My Answers Screen

3). Consent Forms on Steroids

Patient surveys and consent forms are often like Emory and Ivory: they live together in perfect harmony. Thus, we work extra hard to make sure our consent form functionality keeps pace with the muscular juggernaut of our survey engine. Our new and improved consent forms include multi-signature consents (for example, collecting patient, provider and representative/witness signatures on the same surgical consent form), the ability to preview consent forms as you build them, and the delivery of individual consent forms as separate documents into the EHR even if they are part of a larger survey packet. In fact this functionality is so good that we hope our survey engine doesn’t get jealous that our consent forms may soon become Tonic’s most popular bon vivant (or Bon Secours for that matter).



4). Dynamic Resizing of Surveys on Any Smartphone or Computer

Though Tonic of course has native apps for the tablet and phone, we also have a web version that allows any survey or form to be sent out at scheduled times via email or SMS text (not to be confused with SSM Health!). When a patient clicks on this link, the Tonic survey now automagically resizes for any type of browser on any type of computer or phone with any type of screen size. Thus, Tonic surveys and forms look perfect regardless of the device. So whether your patients are roaming the fine streets of New York (Presbyterian), strolling the beautiful beaches around (University of) Southern California, watching the big Shriners college football all-star game in Tampa, flipping fish in Seattle (Children’s) or traveling through the majestic scenery of a Golden Valley, Tonic will always provide a seamless and consistent experience.

Adaptive Design

5). Even Speedier EHR Integrations!

Tonic has long been able to integrate with any EHR, but now we’ve built a proprietary interface that makes these integrations faster than you can say “University of California, Los Angeles” (let alone “University of California, Irvine”). Quicker to configure and thus quicker to deploy, this interface and its underlying plumbing provide for the rapid deployment of Tonic for new use cases and a deeper level of data mapping that even famous cartographer Captain Cook would be proud of (who, incidentally, bears no relation to the even more famed Cook Children’s).

So these are the Big Five features from the last few months of care and feeding over here at Tonic. And if you don’t happen to see your organization squirreled away in the text above, stay tuned for our next round of Release Notes—and thus Customer Appreciation Volume 2 (Pharma and Payer Edition) and Volume 3 (Yet More Amazing Providers)!

We sincerely thank you for your business and we are honored to serve both you and your patients.

With love and respect for all our fantastic customers,
Your Tonic Development Team