Tonic exists to solve many of the questions that seem like common sense to the outside world but for some reason have never been resolved in healthcare like…

  • Why do patients need to fill out the exact same forms over and over again even though they’ve been visiting their health system for years?
  • Or why do we still use wooden clipboards and 8-point illegible font when technological tools are readily available (let alone in the patient’s pocket) that provide an infinitely better experience?
  • And why do we wait for patients to come into a clinic when it’s much easier to just email or text them a survey at home and get the results in real-time?
  • Moreover, why is it so darn hard to understand and pay your healthcare bill?

We didn’t understand why either so we built a platform to solve all these mysteries of the universe—and many more.

In short, EHRs do a good job of recording what happened to a patient clinically, but that’s only half the battle in driving great outcomes at a lower cost. Tonic tells the patient’s side of the story.

Who We Are

Tonic is brewed by the finest designers, developers, clinical informaticists, and implementation specialists on the planet. We could list our collective accomplishments here and post some glamour shots of our management team, but at Tonic we believe in relentlessly focusing on our customers, not ourselves.

That said, despite our egalitarian ways, we are always on the lookout for those rare birds that can innovate in ways that leave the rest of us breathless around the table. If you have this type of colorful plumage, feel free to shoot your resume to

Trusted by many

Tonic is the leading patient data collection and payments platform among large
enterprise health systems, payers and pharmaceutical companies.