Patient Screening & Risk Assessments

Automate the patient screening process so you can focus on what matters most

Tonic’s automated screening tool enables organizations to quickly and easily capture patient risk information and make it readily available for clinicians — resulting in a visit that’s more about the patient and less about data entry

For most organizations, screening patients is a clunky & inefficient process

No ability to take real-time action on the data

No direct integration of screener results with the EHR

Poor patient engagement and low completion rates

Tonic Supercharges the Patient Screening Process in 3 Simple Ways

  1. Clinical Decision Making in Real Time

    Tonic's real-time survey platform captures all patient responses immediately — including any score calculations — and sends alert messages to appropriate staff to take action

  2. Direct EMR Integration Eliminates Manual Entry

    No longer are staff required to manually enter patient responses, scan in paper forms, or sit and ask the patient question after question. Tonic automates the data entry directly into the EMR, removing manual intervention, reducing keying errors, and allowing clinicians more time with the patient

  3. Decrease Paper, Increase Completion Rates

    By capturing all patient responses electronically, staff are not required to use paper, scan in documents, or otherwise manage screening forms — reducing costs, improving care, and increasing the number of patients screened