Provide the Intake Experience Patients Expect — and Your Bottom Line Appreciates

Tonic’s mobile intake and contactless check-in platform provides a seamless, easy and engaging way for patients to fill out any survey, sign any consent form, and make any payment when and where it’s most convenient for them (pre-visit or at the point of care). Collect more payments, decrease administrative costs, and reduce staff burden – and all while delighting patients!

Patients Expect a Frictionless and Touch-free Intake and Check-In Experience

Patients Expect
Ease of Use

Patients Expect
Ease of Use

Patients don’t want to use clipboards, stand at clunky kiosks, or work with “digital paper” forms that have check boxes and boring drop downs in order to provide information to the health system. They want fun, engaging experiences powered by technology that they use in their daily lives—modern browsers, mobile phones, and Apple iPads.

Patients Expect
to be Remembered

Patients Expect
to be Remembered

Patients don’t want to answer the same questions over and over again, even though they’ve been visiting their health system for years. Instead, patients expect their health system to remember them, thus granting peace of mind that their clinician can focus on today’s issues and doesn’t have to waste precious time starting from the beginning every single visit.

Patients Expect

Patients Expect

Patients want to provide their health information or make a payment whenever, wherever and however it’s easiest for them. They don’t want to have to download an app or remember usernames and passwords for a portal, or check-in using a device the facility hands them. They want it to seamlessly integrate with their life.

Deploy an Intake Platform that Boosts Your Bottom Line

Reduce Labor Costs

Tonic automates many of the manual patient intake tasks that receptionists and staff must perform on a daily basis, including managing forms, typing in completed data, document scanning, updating the record and more. As a result:

  • Clinics with even a moderate patient volume can realize a reduction in staff or redeployment of labor.
  • Mobility can be embraced — patients can complete surveys with no staff intervention and without having to touch anything.
  • Staff are freed up to spend more time on higher value tasks such as directly interacting with patients, thus improving care and boosting the patient experience.
  • Workflows can be made much more efficient by eliminating specific tasks and bottlenecks.
  • Staff can take advantage of the platform’s intuitive online survey builder, thus removing the reliance on your vendor — or teams of internal staff — to build, update and manage your forms and surveys!
Collect More Payments

Tonic is the only patient intake platform that integrates surveys, consent forms and patient payments into one seamless experience. This means:

  • Higher patient payments since the platform serves up CoPay and Past Due Balance information while the patient is already engaged.
  • Less payment leakage since patients aren’t redirected to a separate financial terminal.
  • Increased patient satisfaction due to a simple and intuitive payment process.
  • Greater staff satisfaction since receptionists no longer need to remember to ask for payment or act as a bill collector.
See More Patients

Clinics that use Tonic often see up to 85% of patients completing their forms prior to the visit. This yields significant efficiencies:

  • Organizations don’t have to wait on patients to complete surveys and questionnaires, removing frustrations that force schedules to run behind.
  • Extra appointment slots can be added to the schedule each day, increasing revenue opportunities.
  • Time delays and patient frustration with repetitive questions across multiple forms are eliminated. The platform dynamically streamlines the questions asked of a patient and remembers previous responses, greatly speeding up the intake process overall.
  • Patient satisfaction scores improve due to greater patient access, less waiting room time and more direct clinician interaction.
Ease Clinician Burden

Tonic provides a simple and convenient way for patients to tell their provider about themselves, reducing the clinician’s administrative duties and freeing the clinician to get back to what they love doing: spending more time with patients. Clinicians see their work made easier by:

  • Leveraging patients to create the first draft of the clinical notes by asking questions specific to that visit.
  • Automatically screening patients prior to the exam room and flagging the most important issues to discuss.
  • Collecting important and updated clinical information and dynamically querying for additional information as the patient responds.
  • Pushing patient updates and responses directly into the patient’s record for physician review and utilization.
  • Improving the accuracy of the data and eliminating the need to decipher scribbled handwriting or incomplete patient information.

Ready to Provide the Intake Experience your Patients Expect?

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