The Basics

Why do customers love Tonic so much?

We can assure you it’s not because of our looks. The short answer is that Tonic simply gets you more –and more accurate – data from patients than any competing solution on the planet. And if you don’t believe us, reach out to us now and let us prove it to you!

Who are some of Tonic's customers?

Tonic specializes in serving the needs of large enterprise health systems, payers and pharmaceutical companies. Example customers include Providence St. Joseph Health, New York-Presbyterian, Cigna, Partners HealthCare, Bon Secours Health, The Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, SSM Health, MedStar Health, Cook Children’s, HealthPartners, Emory Univ. Health, Shriners Children’s Hospitals, Stanford Children’s Health, OSF Health, Integris, Seattle Children’s Hospital, UCLA Health, USC Health, UC Irvine Health, Biogen, Pfizer and BTG Pharmaceuticals among many others.

What are the top use cases for Tonic?

Because Tonic is so customizable, our platform is used for a wide range of different patient data collection needs across a healthcare organization. But the most popular use cases for Tonic are patient intake and registration, patient payments, patient reported outcomes, eConsent and informed consent, health risk assessments and screeners, patient satisfaction, advance care planning and all types of clinical trials and studies. In short, Tonic is the Swiss Army knife of patient data collection!

Why is Tonic perfect for clinical trials too?

Tonic leverages extensive user interface testing and our broad experience across both health care providers and large pharmaceutical companies to deliver a hyper-engaging and intuitive electronic data capture (EDC) platform for all phases of clinical trials. The result is faster implementation times, easier patient recruitment, greater patient retention, higher completion rates, and better data quality across the continuum of any and all eCOA and ePRO projects.

How do we implement Tonic as a solution?

The healthcare landscape is complex. Our professional services team is here to make adding a new technology less of a burden. We want Tonic to simplify your staff workload, not add to it. Thus, we seamlessly implement Tonic into your workflows providing increased automation and efficiency.

Who is Tonic?

Our team of experts have a combined 75 years of healthcare experience boasting a strong clinical presence to ensure your organization is successful before, during and after implementation. We bring best practices from top health systems for configuration, deployment, and patient experience.

What can Tonic do for us?

We analyze your technologies, culture, workflows, end users and more to design and build a customized solution to seamlessly implement into your healthcare setting. At the end of the day, we ensure your support is seamless, your end users are happy, your issues are handled with urgency and your security is breach-proof.

How will Tonic work with us?

Our clinical experts have experience working with healthcare organizations across the entire country and have built over 19,000 surveys. We bring to the table these best practices and can provide guidance on governance and much more before, during and after implementation.


Is Tonic really that insanely customizable?

Yes—our platform is certifiably insane. Tonic allows you to easily create, edit and manage any survey, consent form or questionnaire and then instantly deploy it to any patient, anywhere and on any device. No difficult installation or long lead times. And this can all be done by staff members with literally zero computer experience whatsoever. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, Tonic’s survey designer is simpler!

Can I email or text out surveys to patients at home?

Any Tonic survey, questionnaire, consent form or educational content can be sent via email, via text message or via links embedded in messages sent through the patient portal. These surveys, consent forms and content can be completed or viewed on any device anywhere without hassling the patient for a username or password. And Tonic also allows you to automatically send out surveys and forms to any patient –or segment of patients – along any time frame for an even more personalized experience. (For example, on Day 1 send out this survey, on Day 10 send out this video, on Day 40 collect outcome measures, etc.)

Can Tonic screen patients in real-time?

Tonic is used heavily for all types of risk assessments and screeners because our platform can run any type of screening protocol, score or algorithm in real time and immediately send an alert to any caregiver based on the result. Nothing gets you more accurate and timely assessments and screeners than Tonic!

What types of videos can I deploy using Tonic?

Tonic can deliver any type of patient education video to any patient on any device anywhere—and all this content can be dynamically served up in real time based on the patient’s answers to the survey questions. This frees you from having to treat patient education like a blunt instrument and instead allows you to pinpoint the right education to the right patient on the right device at the right time.

What languages does Tonic support?

Tonic supports all languages that read left to right, and can instantly switch between different languages on the fly. Tonic also remembers each patient’s language preference from previous visits and only serves up future surveys or forms to that patient in their selected language. ¡Fantástico!

Can Tonic collect patient payments both in and out of the clinic?

Of course! Tonic allows you to collect patient payments anytime, anywhere. Tonic is an awesome solution for collecting co-pays and past balances in the clinic since it’s seamlessly integrated with the patient intake and registration forms. But Tonic is even more awesome for collecting additional amounts owed once the claim has been adjudicated since Tonic acquires card-on-file consent during the co-pay process, allowing us to just send the patient a simple text message for collection. No usernames, no passwords, no portals to log into—just more patient payments!


What devices does Tonic work with?

Tonic works with any device under the sun (or moon). Tonic is the only patient data collection platform that has native apps for iPads and iPhones for in-patient or in-clinic use, as well as a full CRM system that allows you to email or text out surveys or forms that can be used with any browser on any smartphone or computer. Moreover, Tonic’s browser version dynamically resizes any survey or form so that the patient experience is amazing regardless of screen size or type of device.

How does Tonic integrate with EHRs, Practice Management Systems and other backend databases?

While integrations vary widely in terms of complexity, the most common types of integrations involve HL7 messages or Web Services / APIs. Tonic has integrated with all the major EHRs and practice management systems serving the large enterprise health market.

Is Tonic HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

Tonic is fully HIPAA-compliant and has passed extensive security reviews and rigorous penetration testing at a wide range of large enterprise health systems, payers and pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, Tonic is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant as it relates to clinical trials and studies. Think of Tonic as the Fort Knox of protected health information!


How much does Tonic cost?

We charge an annual software-as-a-service license fee that varies based on size of the organization and complexity of the use cases. Thus, the best way to get pricing is to simply hit the “Contact” button right now. We are always happy to chat and some of us are even mildly amusing.