Release Notes • Fall 2017

ROI (aka Really Outstanding Innovation) Edition

Greetings Tonic Fans!

We here at Tonic have a small set of core principles that dictate everything we do. But outside of free pizza on Fridays and the inalienable right to drink Rosé out in public, creating a clear and robust return on investment (ROI) for our customers is at the very top of the list.

That's why we've dedicated this batch of release notes to our relentless pursuit of ROI in every way, shape and form - and admittedly with some creative license! Ready (for) our (latest) inventions (ROI)? Here are Tonic's amazing new features from the last few months!

In this Edition of our Release Notes

1Supercharged longitudinal PRO & Risk Assessment scoring

Customers love Tonic for our ability to track and trend any patient reported outcome or risk assessment score over time. But now we've dramatically enhanced that capability by allowing you to not only view multiple scores for multiple instruments at the same time, but also to overlay those longitudinal scores with actual events (such as the date of a knee surgery).

Our new interactive graphs - all of which can be embedded in the EHR - put this remarkably organized intelligence (ROI) directly in the hands of physicians when and where it's needed most. Viva la data visualization!

2Awesome new reporting tools for patient communication (email & text)

Tonic has long given customers the ability to customize and view reports that detail which patients received which surveys and forms on which device at which time (which is admittedly a bit of a tongue twister). But now Tonic can also generate reports that are forward-looking too, such as which patients are scheduled to receive a given survey(s) or form(s) in the future.

You can even report on multiple workflows at the same time - all of which is viewable and actionable 24 hours a day with a click of a button.

Such real-time observation and information (ROI) allows front office staff and clinicians to always know exactly what happened and what's going to happen with their patient data collection efforts. Moreover, Tonic's robust user permission architecture allows this information to be parsed at the individual clinic level or at the individual staff member level so that a patient's data is only seen by the relevant caregivers.

3New and improved collection of past balance due amounts

Integrating patient paperwork and patient payments into one unified experience has always been a fan favorite of our platform. And while co-pays are an important piece of the process, customers asked for even more streamlined collection of past balance due amounts as well. So we've redesigned the interface to present the patient with their past balance due amount in a more clear and compelling fashion, and also added the ability to sign up for payment plans on the spot if a patient can't pay the full amount.

In other words, we can now reach out instantly (ROI) to patients in a way that maximizes the collection of patient payments right at the point of care.

4Anything you can do on Tonic through email , you can now do through text too

While Tonic has been able to send out surveys and forms through email for quite some time, SMS has always played a bit of a second fiddle in terms of functionality when compared to the reams of ingenuity (ROI) inherent in our email capabilities.

Well, the fiddle will play no more: everything you already use our awesome email engine for can now be done through text messaging as well, including surveys, appointment reminders, consent forms, patient education and more.

Even better, patients can also now opt-in or out of SMS messaging via text too. Nothing gives you more options to get the right information from the right patient at the right time than Tonic.

5Advanced export capabilities for those who want even deeper analytics

No matter how world class we make our reporting tools, there is sometimes the need amongst our customers to merge the data collected on Tonic into other data that exists somewhere else outside of Tonic or an EHR, such as a data lake. Well now we've made this process even simpler by not just allowing for a super easy export with one click, but also by structuring the export so folks can dive even further into the metadata (in other words, you can slice and dice to your heart's delight!). This is perfect for those customers with an advanced BI or data science team - or just those who have a receiver operating interest (ROI) in big data!

[Note: that was an arcane but hilarious data science joke in case you were wondering...]

6Knock-Your-Socks-Off, Upgraded Survey Builder

The quick and easy customization of surveys has always been the beating heart of Tonic. As a result, we spend enormous engineering resources to keep our survey authoring platform the industry standard in healthcare.

Thus, we are happy to announce that after 18 months of late nights, coffee by the gallon and the occasional clan-based videogame session, we've launched a new version of our Survey Builder that includes everything our customers love about our current platform but just makes it faster, simpler and even more robust. Building any survey or form and deploying it to any patient anywhere in any order has never been easier. Try it once and you'll rejoice over (the) incredible (ROI) speed and agility with which you can truly capture the patient voice across your enterprise.

Stay tuned for more great features from Tonic in a few months!

ROI 4Ever,
Your Tonic Development Team