Tonic Clients Customize the Platform for COVID-19 Response

Health systems configure and optimize new patient intake, screening and communication workflows

In this unprecedented crisis, Tonic Health (an R1RCM company) applauds our clients for everything they are doing on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent, contain and treat in communities nationwide. We are working alongside clients to leverage the Tonic platform to facilitate new patient intake, data collection and communication workflows as the situation evolves. Here are a number of top use cases in place at health systems today; we will continue to add to the ideas and best practices listed below on a regular basis.

Real-time COVID-19 Screeners (Pre-visit, Point of Care, Virtual Visits)

Coronavirus screening questions can be added to any existing intake forms for any type of visit. Forms can be sent to patients in advance by text or email, giving patients the option to complete them remotely on their desktop or mobile device or on a clinic tablet when they arrive for an in-person visit. Regardless of the method the patient uses to complete the COVID-19 screening, providers can view data from the patient in advance and receive real-time alerts if a patient’s answers or scores indicate a high risk for infection.

Pre-visit Patient Intake and Registration for Virtual Visits

Clients can create Virtual Visit appointment types and, in the same fashion as in-person visits, send all required paperwork in advance to patients by text or email. These intake forms can collect insurance card information and photo ID remotely as well as include COVID-19 screening questions. Providers can view data reported by the patient for the Virtual Visit in advance and receive real-time alerts if a patient’s answers or scores indicate a high risk for infection.

Rapid Creation of COVID-19 Research Studies and Patient Enrollment

Researchers are quickly mobilizing new research toward the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Teams can swiftly set up new studies, screen potential participants, send enrollment invitations, and tap their existing registries to expand recruitment.

Consent Forms for Drive-through COVID-19 Testing

For health systems offering drive-through COVID-19 testing, patients can be assigned an appointment time and receive a text or email with the appropriate electronic consent and any other forms required to complete in advance, which limits interaction between staff and patients.

Appointment Reminders & Confirmations Deliver COVID-19 Instructions

Appointment reminders can include current COVID-19 information, including office visit protocols, visitation policies or other instructions.

Text Message Updates for Inpatient Visitation, Patient Isolation, etc.

Health system staff can manually push secure text messages out to family members of inpatients with updates about how and when they can enter the inpatient unit. Secure messaging can also be used to alert patients suspected of being infected with special instructions for when and where to enter the clinic, thereby bypassing the waiting room altogether.


A variety of reports can be created; for example, clients can generate a daily report to show a real-time, enterprise view of the entire health system with filtering and trending for positive COVID-19 screens by department, by clinic and by provider.

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